Certificate Of Guarrantee

• This is quality PRIMA ART creation, designed and crafted with great care by Pranda Vietnam Co., Ltd as an affiliate of Pranda Group, Thailand. Every PRIMA ART piece is handcraft from genuine 24K gold utilizing highly skills goldsmiths and our company’s technique process.
• Terms and Conditions:
• 02 years maintenance warranty from the purchase date issued on certificate.
• The guarantee covers cases of:
• Any part found or inspected by our technique advisor to be defective as a result of any manufacturing faults.
• Within the effectiveness warranty.
• Presenting the CERTIFICATE OF GUARRANTEE with full product information is required.
• This guarantee does not cover cases of:
• Any damage resulting from (i) mis-handing or abusive use or unauthorized alteration/repairing, (ii) force majeure (climate, war, etc.)
• Customers may be requested to pay for repairing fee.
• Maintenance process will be more than 10 days in HCM and more than 14 days in Hanoi. In case of critical defect/damage decided by Pranda Vietnam Co., Ltd, process will be 25 to 30 days due to situation.
• For more assistance, please contact PRIMA retail shops/counters in Vietnam or Customers Service Department via mail address of customer_service_vn@pranda.com.vn or hotline 0909 992 615.

• Keep away from source of direct heat, direct sunlight.
• Avoid cleaning/spraying with abrasive polish directly on glass, frame or acrylic cover box. If necessary, gently rush with a soft dry cloth to remove any dust or dirt.
• Avoid direct-handing on glass, frame and acrylic cover box. For big size Frame products, it is strongly recommended to use tripod or mounting below to support the frame’s weight.
• Keep the product cool place. Do not keep the product in wet place