About Us

Prima Art – The Art Of Gold

Prima Art, officially established in 2004 by Prima Gold International Company Limited, a strategic affiliate of Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited, is the Thailand’s leading manufacturer and exporter of the luxury gold handicrafts and accessories. With our ingenious and masterful gold craftsmanship, we have successfully developed high-quality gold handicrafts of the most elegant and revolutionary designs created from 99.99% (24K) pure gold. Considered masterpieces of the finest artworks, our flawless gold handicrafts can become wonderfully meaningful and auspicious presents for every special occasion, while serving as precious décor items for home, commercial stores, and business offices.

Prima Art has divided its gold handicrafts into 2 major categories.

Sculpture – reflects the three-dimensional shape of different designs coated with 99.99% (24K) pure gold, making all masterpieces of gold handicrafts truly outstanding and visibly beautiful.

Frame – superbly developed from 99.99% (24K) pure gold plate. Inspired by a collection of distinctive frame designs, gold handicrafts become more valuable and vivid when put into exquisitely designed frames.

Remarks: Gold handicrafts of the above-mentioned categories are created by valuable craftsmanship that cannot be priced according to the weight of the gold.